VRider Plus powered by CRIWARE

VRider plus
A complete package for high definition VR video solutions, VRider Plus powered by CRIWARE features:
- Multiple VR videos fused seamlessly
- High-quality live-action VR video content creation
- Full service support including consultation, design, production, editing, video encoding, and playback
- Multiplatform support for PlayStationVR, HTC Vive, Oculus Rift, Gear VR, smartphones, and more
VRider plus
VRider plus

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Star Revolution

Star Revolution

A unique spin on astrology with 88 horoscope-based idol characters united in a fun-filled game combining rhythm and puzzles!
Scheduled for release in 2017 for App Store and Google Play
Character Design: Teruko Arai
Audio Design: take4 (ever.y inc.)


Journey to the magical island of Jointo for a fun-filled fantasy adventure!
Create your own fantasy island home with adorable dragons for friends. Plow fields, bake bread, and embark on quests for treasure with them!
Official website: http://www.friendra.com/


A unique fusion of the stock market and love simulation in which your very own AI companions provides the latest stock updates!
Entrusted with official Japanese stock information, IRroid characters introduce the latest statistics and prices. Their “mood” changes daily to fit fluctuations in the market.
You, the shareholder, allocates your assets to your favorite 5 IRroids and makes investments through them. As your relationships with the IRroids deepen, so do your earnings!
The more you play, the more valuable your assets become...in more ways than one!
Official Website: http://ir-roid.com/